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August 22, 2007
Finally finished another comic... ON TIME! I'm not a big fan of this strip... just a bit of craziness to show exactly what kind of people we're dealing with in this comic. I still need a better way for the names to introduced... The girl is Kailey, baldy is Desmond, and pervy is Doran. I hope to get the next page up by next week... I'm really going to try! Way too much is going on in my life right now...

August 13, 2007
A full month without comics!? What's up with that! Well, my sister is now recovering from the extensive back surgery she had this morning. My mind has been on other things, obviously. Sadly, the next comic will still take awhile to come out... and personally I don't like it too much. The ones after this will be grand, however! ...if I can ever get off my last arse and draw 'em.

July 13, 2007
GOMEN! I did not mean to have the comic so late. The recent heat wave caused the servers at our ISP to overheat, thus cutting our internet connection. Ah... a delay after all my big talk about getting the comic up on time... oh well. This comic features Sarah, Doran, and Wendy. Poor little nekogirl... and you don't wanna know what Doran uses that bat for...

July 04, 2007
Happy Independence Day! Remember that whole "Weekly Comic" business? I lied. Today, enjoy this little Holiday filler until teh actual comic is complete. I'm only one girl; Holly has YET to be of help! (Says the one who has yet to finish the next page...) I swear next week, there are no holidays, thus no excuses, and the comic will be here, on Wednesday!

June 27, 2007
WE HAVE BEGUN. Welcome to weekly updates! Every Wednesday we'll have a comic up, just for you, our readers!

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